first comic


posted on 4th Apr 2016

Hi there reader. This is the official page for the storybook written by Swedish author, Anna Kramer and Ameican illustrator Jacob Ledesma. The story are you about to read has a very cartoonish and childish art style exploring the horror stories you were told as a kid. Stories like Vittra, Skogsra, the Näcken from Sweden and like La Llorona, EL Chupacabra, EL Cucuy from Mexico and all the other stories to keep chilidren behaving and entertained. You'll see an explosive build up delving into the fears of your childhood manifested as an adult. The Story itslef is inspired by Anna's mom because of her belief in guardian angels and  the stories of demons and Swedish ghosts by her blind grandmother would tell her mother, while the art style takes heavy inspiration  from Tim Burton's and John R. Dilworth's work exploring freakish creatures in childish mediums. I hope you thoroughly enjoy our tale and be etertained just as much as we were to make this story come alive.


-Jay L.